It is no coincidence that among the most successful artists you find many alter egos:

David Bowie⚡️Ziggy Stardust
Eminem⚡️Slim Shady
Beyonce⚡️Sasha Fierce

and many more

You guessed it, Blazy Flash is not my real name.
It is my alter ego and stage name as musician.

Business development is inextricably linked with transformation. That is why I stay laser-focused like a blazing flash on the transformational process, which is always at the core of my work.

The concept of an alter ego is a very useful tool for transformation processes. It helps you to give your goal a tangible form. More importantly, it helps you not only to identify the gap between the here and there, but also to take the right actions to bridge it. And it applies to both, companies and individuals.

The alter ego tool is just one component of the Blazy Flash method.
I promise not to stress you with yet another vision-, mission- or start-with-the-why exercise. You've been there, you've done that. Instead, I will give you the tools to give your goal a tangible form that will get you moving.

Because a tangible goal is not a vision, not a mission, not a strategy – it’s something that pushes you into action!

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    My consulting service enables the executive management to initiate and implement transformation processes without losing grip of the daily business operations. With vision and foresight, you steer your business development through mastering transformation.


    As 1on1 executive coach and sparring partner I will ensure that executives and project managers stay on track. Targeted support for people in senior management positions is no longer a luxury, but elementary for keeping up with the demands of an increasingly complex work environment.


    I speak passionately about transformation processes. And I love to lead discussion panels and to moderate events in an entertaining way. With my versatile know-how and anecdotes from show business, I captivate the audience with ease and create a relaxed atmosphere.

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I did it myself.

I have mastered the transformation from a corporate career to being a professional musician and back again combining the best of both worlds. I have faced and overcome all kinds of obstacles and challenges, gaining immeasurably valuable learnings on my professional and personal transformation journey.

Knowledge that would have helped me tremendously as large-scale project manager in the corporate world and later when I started my own business, both as an artist and as an entrepreneur. Insights that I can now pass on.

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Music and lyrics that will inspire your transformation process