Business development is inextricably linked with transformation. That is why I stay laser-focused like a blazing flash on the transformation process, which is always at the core of my work.

Think of me as your personal business fitness trainer. I will challenge you to do the necessary push-ups that will lead to the business transformation you desire.

⚡️ It's all about transformation ⚡️

My consulting service enables the executive management to initiate and implement transformation and development processes without losing grip of the daily business operations. Together we create the best possible roadmap for adapting and growth of your company to new or changing market and working conditions.
Once your company embarque on its journey, I will act as a sparring partner to ensure that your executives and project managers stay on track. I coach them individually or upon request as a team on their mission.

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  • Business Development & Transformation

    ⚡️ Adapt your business to changing market conditions.

    ⚡️ Keep up with fast growth and associated organizational changes.

    ⚡️ Get a grip on skills shortages ("Fachkräfte-Mangel") that is challenging your business.

    Together we identify the key drivers for the desired transformation and set-up and prioritize your project portfolio accordingly. We evaluate your resources, identify the gaps and decide who to assign for which tasks. As a result, you have a roadmap with defined action areas ready for implementation.

    Effort & Time required
    It's intensive, but you and your team got this.
    The process usually takes 6 to 8 weeks, with
    - 1h/week guided workshop
    - 1h/day individual "homework"

  • Project Management & Executive Coaching

    ⚡️ Improve how to lead your projects and teams through change.

    ⚡️ Learn to define tangible goals for your employees.

    ⚡️ Know how to identify and attract the right talents for your tasks.

    In weekly sessions, we discuss and steer the progress of your transformation project. Together we create an action plan and determine focus points for the next steps. Like a personal fitness trainer, I will challenge you to do the necessary push-ups to become the best possible project leader and role model for your team.

    Effort & Time required
    45min workshop/week (1:1 video call)
    10min reporting/day (individually)



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